Dawn Edit

dawn is the girl who proffesor rowan works with on a pokedex just like your character has to if you are a boy on pokemon dawn is the assistant to rowan.

she has a hat and a scarf her best pokemon is either turtwig,chimchar or piplup from the start.

The pokemon Cycle Edit

if you pick chimchar at the start of your game your friend has piplup and dawn has turtwig. if you pick turtwig your friend has chimchar and dawn has piplup. if you pick piplup your friend picks turtwig and dawn chimchar this happens because your friend takes the pokemon whos type is more effective like if you pick chimchar your friend picks piplup because water takes out fire so dawn has turtwig because there are not any others in proffesors lab dawn sais if you pick chimchar "if you had picked turtwig we would of had the same pokemon" not really its just a saying to make her friendly and joke like.

lucas Edit

lucas is the same as dawn but a boy he wears a flat cap and a gold bag if you are a girl proffesor rowans assistant is lucas.

please look at pictures to see who is who